After another noisy day

Hey look what I’ve got last night! Susu ultra full cream 200 mL, indomie kaldu ayam, sebutir telor dan 2 lembar keju slice. All that boiled into one plus watching my fave show ever: LAST MAN STANDING.

In silence. Innnn silenceeeeee because all the kidssss, those two noisy boyssssss already asleeeeeeep!! #surgadunia Ya Alloh, alhamdulillah.

6 thoughts on “After another noisy day

  1. kenikmatan duniawi indomie wkwk..
    btw mba saya ajak diskusi di tema blog saya budaya vs agama, pengin tahu apakah ada ceplosan mbak tyk yang bisa bikin hidup suasana…#melarikandiri


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